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About RowhouseSpirits

We started out on this boozey adventure in 2013 as one of the first new distilleries in Philadelphia during what would become a booming new scene, full of great distilleries with adventurous products. Turns out, it's really hard to run a distillery with just one full time worker (and owner). We were in the process of re-inventing Rowhouse when Covid-19 shut everything down. It looked like we might be down and out for the count.

Life is strange, just when we thought we were done with this chapter of our lives, things started falling back into place. So here we are - on the eve of resurrecting Rowhouse Spirits with a lot of adjustments, in a new location, with some of our old folks and products, and a bunch of new ones. For now, you will only find us at farmers markets, but new and exciting things are coming.